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Not Sure I Belong Here…

What do you write when your mum’s telling you it’d be good for you to write? Hmm.

She says I should introduce myself. I told her that’s what the Me page is for. Bleh, whatever, okay… I’m Anna, 15, she/her, and I write YA and MG. I live in Europe, German is my first language, but I like to write in English. English is like German but shorter.

I’ve been homeschooled from 9, because of mum’s work. I don’t mind it and don’t get why American movies make it seem like homeschool kids are weird.

I guess I’m a little weird. I have not met anyone who isn’t.


I’ve never been sure I belong here, or anywhere. I’m not depressed or suicidal! I just always feel out of place. I thought it was because of moving around. It’s me, my mum, and younger sister, going wherever mum’s work does. I don’t think it’s that anymore. I just feel I stick out even when lost in a crowd.

That’s why most of my characters feel like they don’t belong either.

Lightbulb! How did I never see that till just now?

Like Rihka in my story Fate’s Undesirable. She’s out of place in two worlds and it isn’t fun. It’s the same for Kristian in Burning Chariot. He doesn’t fit in with his siblings. I’ll stop or you’ll meet them all at once… overkill lol.

Many characters from the many stories I’ve written, which is why mum said I should try this. Sharing them.

Beängstigend. (Your German word for the day, it means scary)

She’s scarier in the dark I think.

I’m not scared to share my stories because I think you won’t like them. You’ll like them, why read if you don’t? It’s scary because now my characters will be out here, while I’m still in here feeling out of place. Maybe they leave me behind?

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