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Stories Can Be Telling Tales, No Lie

Anna J. Rose Tells Tales. This is my site’s tagline and I think it’s amusing, since “telling tales” can also mean to lie. In my case I’m telling stories about all kinds of things. I like to use ideas from what I experience, or others I am close to have. Like my mum.

She’s not originally from Europe and the way she grew up is very different to me. My mouth was left open more than once when she tells stories from her childhood. They do things very differently where she’s from.

Yes, I mention my mum quite a lot, but you would too if you knew her :D.

I could tell you a morning story about two boiled eggs and toast with strawberry jam for breakfast. This would bore you for sure lol. Instead the boiled eggs would be sacred stones and the jam blood of elf warriors sworn to protect them :D.

I haven’t written a story like that yet, maybe I should?

I talked about my mum and where she’s from because my story Fate’s Undesirable is based on an “archaic academic construct” found in her home region. These are mum’s words not mine. She has a point though. Kids have to take an exam when they’re 10 or 11 and it decides if they will get into a elite secondary school or not. It is something like our Abitur or maybe like SATs(?), but happening when you’re little. I think England has the same thing too.

In Fate’s Undesirable my main character Rihka doesn’t do very well on this exam. You meet her at 17, many years after she’s done it. She’s living with other “undesirables” on an island apart from the rest of society and is responsible for her little group. I always liked that about Rihka too, she’s the protector type.

She doesn’t have a cape or laser vision though.

The only time undesirables get to mix with the “gifted” in the wider republic, is to go to school or work. In general the gifted think they’re better than everyone and some treat undesirables pretty badly. Let’s just say it, they treat them like…

Schei├če. (Your German word for today means “shit”. If you don’t have an eszett you replace with two “s” – Scheisse.)

To develop the world and setting, I used people and experiences from my mum’s past, combinations of school stories she has told me over the years, and events from her teen years. I added sci-fi elements like advanced tech, increased the stakes for Rihka and her friends with a winner takes all battle royale and soon she had a whole story all for herself.

You can let me know if this sounds like the kind of story you would like to read and be updated on it by using the follow button choices in my sidebar :D.

It’s fun to see where stories will come from. You never know if an ordinary breakfast will turn into a tale or not ;).

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