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You’re About To Meet My Stories For the First Time

I chose weekends to post things like excerpts, stories I’m reading and other interests like this. I have the most free time now, so thought I could put some of it to better use. Otherwise I’ll end up watching many hours of Netflix science fiction shows or something like this lol.

You’ve met me at least a bit in the last days. Those who haven’t can do so on my Me page :D. You can read posts from before on my blog too.

The YA stories I’ve written so far are all kinds, mostly fantasy, one is sci-fi, and another is more kind of horror. There is usually ethnic diversity in my stories, I’m mixed so it makes sense to me. In the beginning my main characters were always white. This isn’t a problem, but it was like this because it’s what I always saw in German and English speculative fiction books. I like to mix it up now but only when it fits. I don’t force characters to be anything they don’t want to be.

What I’ll do now, is share the banners for each Geschichte and add a short summary about it underneath. (“Geschichte” your German word for today means “story”.)

The banners will also show the story’s genre.

Don’t be shy, say hallo to my stories:

Summary: In the Republic of Seloquay, the Gifted are revered and Undesirables are banished. Rihka is an Undesirable living on Tabor Island and is only allowed into the wider republic to go to school or work. When she gets tapped by the elite to join an underground battle royale with dangerous video game style challenges and fights to the last one standing, her real problems are just beginning.

Summary: Kristian’s Horseman power could destroy the world. His siblings try to stop it, but fate works against them. As their enemies swarm, country-hopping buys the teen Horsemen time, but with their life paths already written, there’s little to stop the beat of destiny’s selfish drum.

Summary: When Selene’s turned into a vampire by the mother she thought was dead, banishment from her kingdom’s hot on its heels. With limited options Selene looks to light elf prince Mist for help. Her mother’s got something else in mind – Menase, a young vampire groomed to be Selene’s mate. Selene’s torn between the two and as the fight for her heart intensifies, so does her struggle to accept her new life as a vampire.

Summary: Emma begins the search for her biological family and finds out she’s not only fae, but from a fae race called the tenari. This puts her in the middle of a fae war, with some bent on seeing her dead, while others will do anything for her to lead. 

There’s one more on the list and it’s a scary one. Before that, if you want to be updated on my stories and when I’ll release excerpts, story info and things like that, please use one of the follow button choices in my sidebar :D.

You’ve said “hallo” to all my YA stories now, so maybe you can help me. I’ve been trying to decide which stories to start sharing from first. I am considering Fate’s Undesirable, and Burning Chariot.

What do you think? Which stories interest you most and you’d like to hear about? I would love to know!

You’re welcome to message me right here in that little comment box, or through my Say Hi page. Danke :D!

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