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Story Line Drop #1

I like writing stories with different kinds of supernatural beings, myths, and things like this. Burning Chariot, my Four Horsemen story, is the same.

The line in the picture is taken from Chapter 1: Remember. It’s the first time Rolf (Conquest) and Xandros (Death) have contact with a Valkyrie in their current timeline. They will meet all kinds of things, like giants, ruthless creatures I made up up called scavens, and of course evil magicians. What would a story with magic be without evil Zauberer, yes? Lol.

(“Zauberer” your German word for today is the masculine form “magicians”. The feminine form is “Zauberinnen”.)

My magicians are less pretty ;).

You might be scratching your head wondering about all these new characters and things you’ve never heard of. You are just now getting to know my stories and the worlds so this is understandable. I’ll make it easier as soon as I can, by having a separate page on the site for all important story things. For now you can find short summaries of all my YA stories in this post.

You can be aware of every new story line drop, by choosing one of the subscribe options in my sidebar. I suggest email subscription so you definitely don’t miss anything :D.

Making a dedicated page like this will take some time, as I want to give you a lot of story information, so you become more than a reader or spectator. You become a part of my worlds too.

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