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Where Are the Burgers I Was Promised Instagram?

If you have not yet realised this, I’m fairly new to social media. I know what it is of course and have used platforms like Tumblr and Reddit. I’m just not as keen to share everything I’m eating, or what my face looks like this day, things like this.

I can’t pull off Cardi B’s duck-face.

I’m happy to watch others though. It is nice to see how people live. We are all so different. It also helps me develop better, realer characters.

I created an Instagram account last week and haven’t posted anything so no new follows. Instagram offered celebrities to follow but I’m not really interested. I followed a National Geographic page but I haven’t looked at it yet.

Tbh I haven’t explored or tried to engage with anyone. I did expect more pictures of burgers. Burgers with bacon, dripping cheese and grease like you see on cooking shows. I love cooking shows! Netflix has a new one I’m excited to see, something about pork and southern cooking, I forget the name in English. I’m sorry to any vegans or vegetarians reading, I respect your diet choices, though I am fully committed to meat. Our relationship is uncomplicated and lecker.

(“Lecker” your German word for today means “tasty”.)

I’ll get back on topic now…

I am a little anxious to begin posting. When I post the first picture, it will say to the world this is what Anna is about. Or something like that.

Tbh, I want to share my stories and other things to do with books, reading and speculative fiction. Is this even something people are interested in? Do teenagers read other teenager’s books or follow their posts? Do adults? Who knows? I suppose I will discover this when I muster the courage to post.

To keep updated on my social media challenges, use the follow button choices in my sidebar :D.

I wonder if everyone feels this way. No, not the deep connection with burgers. If everyone feels anxious to start. I’ve always been the type to have to take a big leap and when I start, there’s no turning back. That is all there is.

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