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To Wattpad or Not To Wattpad, Watt To Do?

Today is a good day for burning questions. I chose Saturday as a “share story excerpts day” and though I’m not sharing one today, the questions I have are related.

Watt do I do about Wattpad for example.

When you’re not entirely sure if Anna can spell “what” or not ;).

During lockdown I started reading more books in English on Wattpad. Before I mainly read bought books, or had free downloads from Amazon. I don’t just read popular authors, all kinds of writers have interesting work.

I made a new Wattpad profile a few days ago and started to upload Fate’s Undesirable. Wattpad alerted me to an error so I left it. The next day I tried again and this time it worked. When I was going to upload more info, I stopped again.

Is this really was I want to do?

(“was” Your German word for today means “what” – it is pronounced vas.)

My mum suggests I take it slowly, decide which platforms are best for my life and all I have to do. I still have homeschool for a bit before summer and I’m involved in other daily activities. Of course there must always be time to write.

I read that you always have to comment on other people’s stories to get them to look at yours. Is this true? I value the opinion of those who know more on this subject.

Speak, oh wise ones.

What about other platforms like Wattpad? Are there any that are easier than Wattpad to submit your work to? I know I can use Google to learn this, but if you have expertise in this and can inform me, I would be very thankful!

If you want to see what I decide to do, keep updated by using the follow button choices in my sidebar :D.

Like any other writer, I want all kinds of readers to want to read my work. My age should have nothing to do with it. I read chapters from a writer a couple years older than me, who wrote about senior citizens in a very beautiful way. Her book is called The Essence of Senescence.

Reading should be about enjoying a story, a world created just for these characters, for others to share through words. Knowing how I feel about this, help me figure out if a platform like Wattpad is a smart choice. Danke!

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