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What if the Four Horsemen Are Teenage Rebels?

I have always been fascinated by the Bible story of the four Horsemen. My family is not religious, still the idea of harbingers of destruction making their way across Earth as they please is cool. It is almost like they are here now.

Imagine if Famine is behind Covid-19 and its mutations. What if War is busy riling people up in the Middle East?

In my story Burning Chariot, the lore makes all of this possible. Luckily it’s set in the fourteenth century, so maybe my Horsemen won’t be blamed for the world’s current messes lol.

My Horsemen are four fifteen-year-olds in different countries minding their own business. They wanted to sleep for a hundred years not knowing who or what they were. To be people with lives that didn’t involve keeping our world and all the others, in order. They have me for their writer so this is not possible. They had to wake up!

And wake they did.

Kristian (Famine) is forced to start the destruction, whether his siblings like it or not. Rolf (Conquest) and Xandros (Death) are unwillingly pulled into it. As for Erelis (War), thoughts of revenge make her excited to get back in the game, even if that means giving up her loving father. Yes, Erelis is a girl – they are still the four Horsemen. When you read, you’ll get it :D.

I’ve chosen multi-PoV to tell the story. Using mainly Kristian, Rolf, and Erelis as my views. I stayed with them as they tried to recall who they were, what their powers are, all of it. I imagined what it would be like if they were teens with such great responsibilities. What if I was a Horseman and had to do what they do? How would I be? Would I handle it? Run from responsibility? I thought of all these things while creating them and their challenges.

I used nemeses that made sense in the story and tried to develop lore my Horsemen would be proud of…

…so they give me looks like this and are not so angry when I disrupt their lives.

This is not a Bible story and uses little from the original lore found in the Bible. It is filled with magic, alternate worlds and history, giants and other supernatural things. My Horsemen are resilient in the midst of it, most likely wishing I would go easier on them lol.

I wrote a prologue that’s unlocked after you know enough about the story. How will I know you know enough? I sense these things, don’t worry :D.

Would you like to read the first chapter? Yes? Toll! (Your German word for today “toll” means great/super).

I’ll post Burning Chariot – Chapter 1: Remember, on June 19th. If you want to be updated about this, use the sidebar follow buttons to subscribe as a WordPress user or by email.

I’ve chosen a week from now so I have more time to work on my About My Stories page, which will give you more insight into this story and others of mine.

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