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Do I Have to Be Romantic in Stories?

I do not find it as simple to write deep, sweeping romance. I always end up with some kind of romance in my stories, usually because it just kinds of happens. To sit and write with the purpose of having romantic themes is not my style.

Mostly my characters fall for each other or there’s a quiet fondness that grows to something more. I can’t help it if they decide they want to be more than friends. I let them tell their stories, I’m just the writer. In my everyday life though, I have little interest in romantic pursuits.

They did romance well in The Vampire Diaries ;).

A friend asked if I consider myself asexual. After making certain I was sure of the meaning, I thought about it for a while and came up with no, that cannot be the case. I am sometimes attracted to others, I’m just completely disinterested in any kind of romantic relationship right now.

My mum would say there’s no need to be concerned about these things now. I think she’s secretly glad I put any romantic notions I do have into my stories instead lol.

The only story I can say has deep focus on the romantic side of things is Elfin Blood. I don’t even know how that one came out of me. How I ended up with a dark fantasy romance with a love triangle of supernatural beauties. It was one of my first books too, which makes it even stranger for me.

What is ironic is the characters from that story still haunt me. I swoon thinking about Mist and Menase’s love for Selene, the challenges she faces trying to choose, and the end – oh, the ending!

Wundersch√∂n! (Your German word for today means “beautiful”)

Anime is often cute with love things too.

As for me? Maybe I left all the love and affection I might someday have in that story and that’s why I feel little point in pursuing it now. Maybe my romance is with every story I write. Consuming.

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Tomorrow is a story-related post. I chose Saturdays for things like this, reviews, and excerpts, because I have the most free time on the weekends to expand better. I’d like to give you some more about Elfin Blood then. Bis morgen!

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