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What to Expect from My Site and How Best to Navigate It

Hallo! I did not write on the blog last week as I was very busy with schoolwork. This may happen from time to time.

I want to clarify how my site will be during summer. I am still new to having a website, sharing my work and also blogging, so I need to see which way feels best :D.

What to Expect

– Two to three days a week, I will share an excerpt, full chapter, or related information from one of my books when I post. If I want to share something outside of these parameters, this will be in a separate post.

– In July and August, I’ll be sharing from Elfin Blood, Fate’s Undesirable, and Burning Chariot. All three are very different stories, so there is something for everyone ;). The About My Stories page is still unfinished. It will be there to look at in July. Now you can look at my Home page for short summaries of these and other stories.

What to Expect (Continued)

– I would like to have a post each month, that’s a selection of all posts shared that month, my contact information and social media links and where you can read or buy any of my stories. None of my books are available for sale yet, but you get the picture :).

– I’ll continue to share a German word each post. I may prefer writing stories in English, still, German is my first language and it is fun to share some of this with you. Speaking of which, your German word for today is Deutsch, this means German :D.

– I won’t be sharing pictures of myself on any of my platforms. I want focus on my stories and what I’m sharing with you, not on how I look or anything like this. I use the picture below now, as the girl here reminds me of all kinds of girls and she seems free and happy. I would like to have a picture commissioned just for me someday soon.

It’s like she’s thinking of a new world to write about :D.

How to Navigate My Site

To navigate my site Anna J. Rose Tells Tales, is easy. I don’t have many tabs in my main menu and they are all clearly marked.

  • My Home page will always feature my stories, a bit about me, and a way to contact me.
  • If you want to find out about me, my likes and dislikes and things like this, you can go to my Me page.
  • To read all my posts, just go to the Blog page.
  • When you are trying to learn about my stories, you will be able to do so in the About My Stories page in July. This page will have character information and other interesting story information. You will also have links of where to read (or buy) stories as they become available.
  • To contact me, ask questions about my stories, or find out other information about my stories and what I share on my website, you can go to the Say Hi page.

I have a few ideas for maybe a couple more main menu pages and whenever I update this navigation menu, I will let you know.

Otherwise, my sidebar is another place you can be directed to where you may want to go. I’m still deciding what will be available there, but as you see it on every page but the Home page, you will be able to figure that part out easily :D.

I hope this makes it simple for you to know what to expect and how to find everything you need on my website.

If you want to always be updated, you can use one of the follow button options in my sidebar. Danke!

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