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Blogging Update

Blogging is an interesting past time and I like it very much. It’s also very good for my English. This is why it is hard to realise that this summer I cannot blog as frequently as I would like.

Drama is necessary here ;).

I will still post my writings here as blog posts through the summer. Other kinds of posts will be more limited or none at all.

I’m sorry to the people who have already followed me and expect regular blog posts on all the things mentioned here. “Entschuldigung– this means “sorry” in German.

I am not stopping the blog, I just will not be able to blog about everyday things as often in the next few months.

I will try to be regular with these kinds of posts in September 2021 when I start school again :D.

For you who are already with me, or for any new readers who may visit, here are all ten previous blog posts from oldest to newest:

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What if the Four Horsemen Are Teenage Rebels?

Do I Have to Be Romantic in Stories?

Vampires, Elves, Witches, and Humans, Lust and Fight in Elfin Blood

The next post in particular is perfekt for helping you navigate my site:

What to Expect from My Site and How Best to Navigate It

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What to Expect from My Site and How Best to Navigate It

Hallo! I did not write on the blog last week as I was very busy with schoolwork. This may happen from time to time.

I want to clarify how my site will be during summer. I am still new to having a website, sharing my work and also blogging, so I need to see which way feels best :D.

What to Expect

– Two to three days a week, I will share an excerpt, full chapter, or related information from one of my books when I post. If I want to share something outside of these parameters, this will be in a separate post.

– In July and August, I’ll be sharing from Elfin Blood, Fate’s Undesirable, and Burning Chariot. All three are very different stories, so there is something for everyone ;). The About My Stories page is still unfinished. It will be there to look at in July. Now you can look at my Home page for short summaries of these and other stories.

What to Expect (Continued)

– I would like to have a post each month, that’s a selection of all posts shared that month, my contact information and social media links and where you can read or buy any of my stories. None of my books are available for sale yet, but you get the picture :).

– I’ll continue to share a German word each post. I may prefer writing stories in English, still, German is my first language and it is fun to share some of this with you. Speaking of which, your German word for today is Deutsch, this means German :D.

– I won’t be sharing pictures of myself on any of my platforms. I want focus on my stories and what I’m sharing with you, not on how I look or anything like this. I use the picture below now, as the girl here reminds me of all kinds of girls and she seems free and happy. I would like to have a picture commissioned just for me someday soon.

It’s like she’s thinking of a new world to write about :D.

How to Navigate My Site

To navigate my site Anna J. Rose Tells Tales, is easy. I don’t have many tabs in my main menu and they are all clearly marked.

  • My Home page will always feature my stories, a bit about me, and a way to contact me.
  • If you want to find out about me, my likes and dislikes and things like this, you can go to my Me page.
  • To read all my posts, just go to the Blog page.
  • When you are trying to learn about my stories, you will be able to do so in the About My Stories page in July. This page will have character information and other interesting story information. You will also have links of where to read (or buy) stories as they become available.
  • To contact me, ask questions about my stories, or find out other information about my stories and what I share on my website, you can go to the Say Hi page.

I have a few ideas for maybe a couple more main menu pages and whenever I update this navigation menu, I will let you know.

Otherwise, my sidebar is another place you can be directed to where you may want to go. I’m still deciding what will be available there, but as you see it on every page but the Home page, you will be able to figure that part out easily :D.

I hope this makes it simple for you to know what to expect and how to find everything you need on my website.

If you want to always be updated, you can use one of the follow button options in my sidebar. Danke!

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Vampires, Elves, Witches, and Humans, Lust and Fight in “Elfin Blood”

Elfin Blood is my first novel. It’s a dark fantasy romance that is at times scary, romantic, and a challenge for my MC (main character) princess Selene.

It’s challenging for her, because she’s just been turned into a vampire, kicked out of the only home she’s ever known, and thrown into a world she only read about in books. Before, Selene was never allowed to go anywhere outside the palace walls. For her, many new things come as a shock. At least she’s strong, quick to learn and she fights.

Many of my MCs are prepared to fight through challenges. They give their everything, even if they don’t want to in the beginning. They are stark.

(Your German word for today “stark” means “strong”.)

I wrote a short summary of Elfin Blood:

Selene’s turned into a vampire by the mother she thought was dead and banishment from her kingdom comes soon after. With few choices, Selene turns to light elf prince Mist for help. Her mother’s got something else in mind – Menase, a young vampire groomed to be Selene’s mate. Selene’s caught between the two of them and as the fight for her heart intensifies, so does her struggle to accept her new life as a vampire.

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I do not think about romance much, as I explain in this post, and this story’s romantic side still surprises me. In Elfin Blood, Selene will have to choose between two lovers, there’s intense jealousy on her part at times – a love interest is already engaged, she’ll meet a human who becomes a true friend after trying to kill her, and she’ll struggle with deep feelings of abandonment from both her parents.

Of course there’s a love triangle ;).

That’s a lot, and there’s more to it too. I hope you will enjoy reading and learning about Selene’s world in Elfin Blood.

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Do I Have to Be Romantic in Stories?

I do not find it as simple to write deep, sweeping romance. I always end up with some kind of romance in my stories, usually because it just kinds of happens. To sit and write with the purpose of having romantic themes is not my style.

Mostly my characters fall for each other or there’s a quiet fondness that grows to something more. I can’t help it if they decide they want to be more than friends. I let them tell their stories, I’m just the writer. In my everyday life though, I have little interest in romantic pursuits.

They did romance well in The Vampire Diaries ;).

A friend asked if I consider myself asexual. After making certain I was sure of the meaning, I thought about it for a while and came up with no, that cannot be the case. I am sometimes attracted to others, I’m just completely disinterested in any kind of romantic relationship right now.

My mum would say there’s no need to be concerned about these things now. I think she’s secretly glad I put any romantic notions I do have into my stories instead lol.

The only story I can say has deep focus on the romantic side of things is Elfin Blood. I don’t even know how that one came out of me. How I ended up with a dark fantasy romance with a love triangle of supernatural beauties. It was one of my first books too, which makes it even stranger for me.

What is ironic is the characters from that story still haunt me. I swoon thinking about Mist and Menase’s love for Selene, the challenges she faces trying to choose, and the end – oh, the ending!

Wunderschön! (Your German word for today means “beautiful”)

Anime is often cute with love things too.

As for me? Maybe I left all the love and affection I might someday have in that story and that’s why I feel little point in pursuing it now. Maybe my romance is with every story I write. Consuming.

You can subscribe by using the follow button choices in my sidebar. This way, there will be more about my stories, new German words, and other things like this :D.

Tomorrow is a story-related post. I chose Saturdays for things like this, reviews, and excerpts, because I have the most free time on the weekends to expand better. I’d like to give you some more about Elfin Blood then. Bis morgen!

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What if the Four Horsemen Are Teenage Rebels?

I have always been fascinated by the Bible story of the four Horsemen. My family is not religious, still the idea of harbingers of destruction making their way across Earth as they please is cool. It is almost like they are here now.

Imagine if Famine is behind Covid-19 and its mutations. What if War is busy riling people up in the Middle East?

In my story Burning Chariot, the lore makes all of this possible. Luckily it’s set in the fourteenth century, so maybe my Horsemen won’t be blamed for the world’s current messes lol.

My Horsemen are four fifteen-year-olds in different countries minding their own business. They wanted to sleep for a hundred years not knowing who or what they were. To be people with lives that didn’t involve keeping our world and all the others, in order. They have me for their writer so this is not possible. They had to wake up!

And wake they did.

Kristian (Famine) is forced to start the destruction, whether his siblings like it or not. Rolf (Conquest) and Xandros (Death) are unwillingly pulled into it. As for Erelis (War), thoughts of revenge make her excited to get back in the game, even if that means giving up her loving father. Yes, Erelis is a girl – they are still the four Horsemen. When you read, you’ll get it :D.

I’ve chosen multi-PoV to tell the story. Using mainly Kristian, Rolf, and Erelis as my views. I stayed with them as they tried to recall who they were, what their powers are, all of it. I imagined what it would be like if they were teens with such great responsibilities. What if I was a Horseman and had to do what they do? How would I be? Would I handle it? Run from responsibility? I thought of all these things while creating them and their challenges.

I used nemeses that made sense in the story and tried to develop lore my Horsemen would be proud of…

…so they give me looks like this and are not so angry when I disrupt their lives.

This is not a Bible story and uses little from the original lore found in the Bible. It is filled with magic, alternate worlds and history, giants and other supernatural things. My Horsemen are resilient in the midst of it, most likely wishing I would go easier on them lol.

I wrote a prologue that’s unlocked after you know enough about the story. How will I know you know enough? I sense these things, don’t worry :D.

Would you like to read the first chapter? Yes? Toll! (Your German word for today “toll” means great/super).

I’ll post Burning Chariot – Chapter 1: Remember, on June 19th. If you want to be updated about this, use the sidebar follow buttons to subscribe as a WordPress user or by email.

I’ve chosen a week from now so I have more time to work on my About My Stories page, which will give you more insight into this story and others of mine.

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To Wattpad or Not To Wattpad, Watt To Do?

Today is a good day for burning questions. I chose Saturday as a “share story excerpts day” and though I’m not sharing one today, the questions I have are related.

Watt do I do about Wattpad for example.

When you’re not entirely sure if Anna can spell “what” or not ;).

During lockdown I started reading more books in English on Wattpad. Before I mainly read bought books, or had free downloads from Amazon. I don’t just read popular authors, all kinds of writers have interesting work.

I made a new Wattpad profile a few days ago and started to upload Fate’s Undesirable. Wattpad alerted me to an error so I left it. The next day I tried again and this time it worked. When I was going to upload more info, I stopped again.

Is this really was I want to do?

(“was” Your German word for today means “what” – it is pronounced vas.)

My mum suggests I take it slowly, decide which platforms are best for my life and all I have to do. I still have homeschool for a bit before summer and I’m involved in other daily activities. Of course there must always be time to write.

I read that you always have to comment on other people’s stories to get them to look at yours. Is this true? I value the opinion of those who know more on this subject.

Speak, oh wise ones.

What about other platforms like Wattpad? Are there any that are easier than Wattpad to submit your work to? I know I can use Google to learn this, but if you have expertise in this and can inform me, I would be very thankful!

If you want to see what I decide to do, keep updated by using the follow button choices in my sidebar :D.

Like any other writer, I want all kinds of readers to want to read my work. My age should have nothing to do with it. I read chapters from a writer a couple years older than me, who wrote about senior citizens in a very beautiful way. Her book is called The Essence of Senescence.

Reading should be about enjoying a story, a world created just for these characters, for others to share through words. Knowing how I feel about this, help me figure out if a platform like Wattpad is a smart choice. Danke!

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Where Are the Burgers I Was Promised Instagram?

If you have not yet realised this, I’m fairly new to social media. I know what it is of course and have used platforms like Tumblr and Reddit. I’m just not as keen to share everything I’m eating, or what my face looks like this day, things like this.

I can’t pull off Cardi B’s duck-face.

I’m happy to watch others though. It is nice to see how people live. We are all so different. It also helps me develop better, realer characters.

I created an Instagram account last week and haven’t posted anything so no new follows. Instagram offered celebrities to follow but I’m not really interested. I followed a National Geographic page but I haven’t looked at it yet.

Tbh I haven’t explored or tried to engage with anyone. I did expect more pictures of burgers. Burgers with bacon, dripping cheese and grease like you see on cooking shows. I love cooking shows! Netflix has a new one I’m excited to see, something about pork and southern cooking, I forget the name in English. I’m sorry to any vegans or vegetarians reading, I respect your diet choices, though I am fully committed to meat. Our relationship is uncomplicated and lecker.

(“Lecker” your German word for today means “tasty”.)

I’ll get back on topic now…

I am a little anxious to begin posting. When I post the first picture, it will say to the world this is what Anna is about. Or something like that.

Tbh, I want to share my stories and other things to do with books, reading and speculative fiction. Is this even something people are interested in? Do teenagers read other teenager’s books or follow their posts? Do adults? Who knows? I suppose I will discover this when I muster the courage to post.

To keep updated on my social media challenges, use the follow button choices in my sidebar :D.

I wonder if everyone feels this way. No, not the deep connection with burgers. If everyone feels anxious to start. I’ve always been the type to have to take a big leap and when I start, there’s no turning back. That is all there is.

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Story Line Drop #1

I like writing stories with different kinds of supernatural beings, myths, and things like this. Burning Chariot, my Four Horsemen story, is the same.

The line in the picture is taken from Chapter 1: Remember. It’s the first time Rolf (Conquest) and Xandros (Death) have contact with a Valkyrie in their current timeline. They will meet all kinds of things, like giants, ruthless creatures I made up up called scavens, and of course evil magicians. What would a story with magic be without evil Zauberer, yes? Lol.

(“Zauberer” your German word for today is the masculine form “magicians”. The feminine form is “Zauberinnen”.)

My magicians are less pretty ;).

You might be scratching your head wondering about all these new characters and things you’ve never heard of. You are just now getting to know my stories and the worlds so this is understandable. I’ll make it easier as soon as I can, by having a separate page on the site for all important story things. For now you can find short summaries of all my YA stories in this post.

You can be aware of every new story line drop, by choosing one of the subscribe options in my sidebar. I suggest email subscription so you definitely don’t miss anything :D.

Making a dedicated page like this will take some time, as I want to give you a lot of story information, so you become more than a reader or spectator. You become a part of my worlds too.

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You’re About To Meet My Stories For the First Time

I chose weekends to post things like excerpts, stories I’m reading and other interests like this. I have the most free time now, so thought I could put some of it to better use. Otherwise I’ll end up watching many hours of Netflix science fiction shows or something like this lol.

You’ve met me at least a bit in the last days. Those who haven’t can do so on my Me page :D. You can read posts from before on my blog too.

The YA stories I’ve written so far are all kinds, mostly fantasy, one is sci-fi, and another is more kind of horror. There is usually ethnic diversity in my stories, I’m mixed so it makes sense to me. In the beginning my main characters were always white. This isn’t a problem, but it was like this because it’s what I always saw in German and English speculative fiction books. I like to mix it up now but only when it fits. I don’t force characters to be anything they don’t want to be.

What I’ll do now, is share the banners for each Geschichte and add a short summary about it underneath. (“Geschichte” your German word for today means “story”.)

The banners will also show the story’s genre.

Don’t be shy, say hallo to my stories:

Summary: In the Republic of Seloquay, the Gifted are revered and Undesirables are banished. Rihka is an Undesirable living on Tabor Island and is only allowed into the wider republic to go to school or work. When she gets tapped by the elite to join an underground battle royale with dangerous video game style challenges and fights to the last one standing, her real problems are just beginning.

Summary: Kristian’s Horseman power could destroy the world. His siblings try to stop it, but fate works against them. As their enemies swarm, country-hopping buys the teen Horsemen time, but with their life paths already written, there’s little to stop the beat of destiny’s selfish drum.

Summary: When Selene’s turned into a vampire by the mother she thought was dead, banishment from her kingdom’s hot on its heels. With limited options Selene looks to light elf prince Mist for help. Her mother’s got something else in mind – Menase, a young vampire groomed to be Selene’s mate. Selene’s torn between the two and as the fight for her heart intensifies, so does her struggle to accept her new life as a vampire.

Summary: Emma begins the search for her biological family and finds out she’s not only fae, but from a fae race called the tenari. This puts her in the middle of a fae war, with some bent on seeing her dead, while others will do anything for her to lead. 

There’s one more on the list and it’s a scary one. Before that, if you want to be updated on my stories and when I’ll release excerpts, story info and things like that, please use one of the follow button choices in my sidebar :D.

You’ve said “hallo” to all my YA stories now, so maybe you can help me. I’ve been trying to decide which stories to start sharing from first. I am considering Fate’s Undesirable, and Burning Chariot.

What do you think? Which stories interest you most and you’d like to hear about? I would love to know!

You’re welcome to message me right here in that little comment box, or through my Say Hi page. Danke :D!

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Stories Can Be Telling Tales, No Lie

Anna J. Rose Tells Tales. This is my site’s tagline and I think it’s amusing, since “telling tales” can also mean to lie. In my case I’m telling stories about all kinds of things. I like to use ideas from what I experience, or others I am close to have. Like my mum.

She’s not originally from Europe and the way she grew up is very different to me. My mouth was left open more than once when she tells stories from her childhood. They do things very differently where she’s from.

Yes, I mention my mum quite a lot, but you would too if you knew her :D.

I could tell you a morning story about two boiled eggs and toast with strawberry jam for breakfast. This would bore you for sure lol. Instead the boiled eggs would be sacred stones and the jam blood of elf warriors sworn to protect them :D.

I haven’t written a story like that yet, maybe I should?

I talked about my mum and where she’s from because my story Fate’s Undesirable is based on an “archaic academic construct” found in her home region. These are mum’s words not mine. She has a point though. Kids have to take an exam when they’re 10 or 11 and it decides if they will get into a elite secondary school or not. It is something like our Abitur or maybe like SATs(?), but happening when you’re little. I think England has the same thing too.

In Fate’s Undesirable my main character Rihka doesn’t do very well on this exam. You meet her at 17, many years after she’s done it. She’s living with other “undesirables” on an island apart from the rest of society and is responsible for her little group. I always liked that about Rihka too, she’s the protector type.

She doesn’t have a cape or laser vision though.

The only time undesirables get to mix with the “gifted” in the wider republic, is to go to school or work. In general the gifted think they’re better than everyone and some treat undesirables pretty badly. Let’s just say it, they treat them like…

Scheiße. (Your German word for today means “shit”. If you don’t have an eszett you replace with two “s” – Scheisse.)

To develop the world and setting, I used people and experiences from my mum’s past, combinations of school stories she has told me over the years, and events from her teen years. I added sci-fi elements like advanced tech, increased the stakes for Rihka and her friends with a winner takes all battle royale and soon she had a whole story all for herself.

You can let me know if this sounds like the kind of story you would like to read and be updated on it by using the follow button choices in my sidebar :D.

It’s fun to see where stories will come from. You never know if an ordinary breakfast will turn into a tale or not ;).