Hallo! I’m Anna and I write YA and MG fantasy, sci-fi and horror stories. 

Science Fiction & Action

Fate’s Undesirable

In the Republic of Seloquay, the Gifted are revered while Undesirables are banished. Rihka is an Undesirable forced to live on Tabor Island, and only allowed into the wider republic to go to school or work. When she gets tapped by the elite to join an underground battle royale with dangerous video game style challenges and fights to the last one standing, her real problems are just beginning.

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Historical Fantasy & Action-Adventure

Burning Chariot

Kristian’s Horseman power could destroy the world. His siblings try to stop it, but fate works against them. As their enemies swarm, country-hopping buys the teen Horsemen time, but with their life paths already written, there’s little to stop the beat of destiny’s selfish drum.

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You’ll get more from my stories soon enough. Taste the summaries:

Elfin Blood

In my dark fantasy romance, Selene’s turned into a vampire by the mother she thought was dead, banishment from her kingdom’s hot on its heels. With limited options Selene looks to light elf prince Mist for help. Her mother’s got something else in mind – Menase, a young vampire groomed to be Selene’s mate. Selene’s torn between the two and as the fight for her heart intensifies, so does her struggle to accept her new life as a blood drinker.

Tenari Secrets

Emma begins the search for her biological family and finds out she’s not only fae, but from a fae race called the tenari. This puts her in the middle of a fae war, with some bent on seeing dead, while others will do anything for her to lead. This is a fantasy/action-adventure.

From my stories

“Stop pushing for hell’s sake!” Rihka shouted, annoyed with the usual morning ritual. Her shout set off a few frenzied swears in her direction, but she ignored them. As long as no one put hands on her, she was good.

Fate’s Undesirable

The argument turned quiet to dust as Kristian stood chained to a stone wall. Sweat beaded his forehead and wrists hurt from exertion born of the desire to free himself from the wretched bonds.

Burning Chariot

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